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SNAPSEED~Photo editing APP you will love. Great for Instagram, facebook or your blog.

Download from iTunes store.


Living in Outer Mongolia? Learn the fun stuff like you were in New York!

Living in outer Mongolia? Learn the fun stuff like you were in New York!

I found out about SKILLSHARE from following Seth Godin’s blog ~ he offered a Modern Marketing workshop on SKILLSHARE that I downloaded and Business Tools workshop. Share with your friends with a saving benefit for both of you.

May as well learn from the world leader… right here at home. If you feel isolated from the fun stuff ~ click away ~ to happiness…..


This is a great tool that I discovered and have been using for 3 months and changed the way I use my computer. From researching, storing info, organising my files, writing drafts and heaps of features. Evernote saves to the Cloud and this means I’m not loading my hard drive up. I subscribe to the premium format and its one of the best discoveries I made in 2013 ~ and EVERNOTE has been around for 5 years! I’ve saved a link so really consider this amazing tool. Lots of tutorials to get you started and its really easy to use. I highly recommend it as a value add investment to making computer life more organised, simple and effective. Cheers J